Welcome ok so some changes started to happen. I got this nice simple code off the net which will let me use this site to host the webcomic. Had to work out some issues but its ok for now.

For now those are some drawings I did long long ago, and my fish. The fish is gone now and the drawing bring up some good memories. Real stuff will start showing up soon.

Lets see how long it will take me to put up couple pages of the comic.

11/30/2011 After a month a new panel (if you can call it that). Slowly getting the hang of narrative and other text, picture is primarly done in photoshop, then finished in old Fireworks MX. I will try to get next panel faster.

01/23/2012 Yet another panel after close to 2 months, in all honesty this was ready at the beginning of the month I just really procrastinated. Made the panel smaller and the text as well.

03/25/2012 So we have the two main characters, and they speak. Thos was sopposed to be up on the 11th and today the next panel with beautiful outburst sould have landed. As much as it is a learning expirience I need to speed up the process.

04/14/2012 As you can see another panel appeared, and I expanded the navigation a bit. I working on the next panel which will be a double split shot. More dialog to come as well as top menu buttons. Doing this makes me appriciate web comic artists even more, I hold a steady day job and have a lot of time after to work on that but usually other things get in the way. I can imagine the dedication and compromises one has to make to have a comic updates 3 - 5 days a week.

04/20/2012 New panel, two images. Despite that I keep reusing the background which I painted on A4 format sheet of paper with brushes and ink it still takes me a bit to get everything ready. Need to get rid of social life (and beer), will have more at home time and thus more will get done.

05/06/2012 Another panel done. Maybe even tonight will start sketching another one, I am not good with dynamics, learning as I go along. Next one will be a challenge, we will have a jump, summersault and water landing.Wish me luck. My goal is to have it ready in under 2 weeks (i'm seting realistic goals here).

06/13/2012 This was long overdue. I had this done before my vacation which started on the 27th of may... and just now I got my act together. I will try to have the next piece consisting of 3 panels ready by end of June.

08/08/2012 Yeah by the end of June he says. This was ready and waiting for very little dialog for over 2 weeks, I had to get sick to finally sit down to the computer and finish it. I will try to start penciling new tannel tommorow, hopefull I'll still be sick, else? I'll go out for a beer with friends.